Our Approach

our approach

At GLS Research, we guide our clients through the questions, challenges and desired outcomes to determine the most appropriate tools to solve their specific problem. We gather data via both traditional means (focus groups, in-person interviews, mall intercepts, mail, and telephone) as well as electronic means (online focus groups, e-mail and web surveys, as well as online panels). Our research scientists bring their vast and varied experience to bear to conduct analyses ranging from simple statistics to modeling complex information relationships. We apply only those techniques appropriate to a client’s information requirements and budget.

GLS Research employs a full range of research methodologies to design, implement and report on our clients’ information needs. Some of the methods we have employed include:

  • Internet surveys
  • Telephone surveys
  • Mail surveys
  • Intercept surveys
  • Focus groups
  • Semi-structured interviews
  • One-on-one depth interviews

Our clients depend on us to help them:

  • Develop and refine objectives
  • Design and implement cost-effective research programs
  • Prepare data collection instruments that are logical and easy to administer
  • Devise representative sampling plans
  • Choose the best mode of data collection
  • Tabulate and analyze data
  • Produce reports and management representations
  • Provide meaningful recommendations and advice

We know what questions to ask, which tools to use, and how to phrase an inquiry so our clients get the information they need. We provide our clients with targeted, personalized, strategic research solutions to help them understand and manage issues over time.