GLS Research is a specialist in applying the art and science of custom market research to a wide variety of business problems, regardless of industry. Over the years, however, we have developed extensive practices in the following areas:


Throughout our history, we have worked in concert with advertising and public relations agencies to develop and evaluate communication strategies and creative executions for organizations in a wide variety of industries. Often working together as a team to provide value added services to clients and fully-fleshed out proposals to potential clients, we have a thorough knowledge of and mutual respect for the needs and demands of both advertising and public relations firms.


Since our inception in 1989 GLS Research has been conducting customized market research for travel and tourism, hospitality, and gaming industry professionals.  We have worked at the state and local governmental levels as well as the corporate and individual property levels to serve their needs for market information.  This background has provided GLS Research with a unique and comprehensive base of knowledge about travel and tourism, destination marketing, hospitality, and gaming industry issues.  We are particularly well versed in understanding the lodging, entertainment, and gaming propensities and preferences of destination visitors.  Our insights are invaluable to organizations involved in the development and marketing of destinations and/or hotel/casino resort properties.


GLS Research has developed an extensive background and expertise in the arena of social marketing. We have worked with public entities at the local, state, and national levels including foreign governments to support their efforts to promote public services, policies, and programs. Much of our experience has been developed in the areas of public health, transportation, land use, environment and social and economic reform. Our expertise in public opinion research coupled with our marketing savvy has helped many public entities achieve their communication objectives.


GLS Research is extensively familiar with the marketing challenges faced by health care providers including individual hospitals, hospital chains, and managed care organizations.  We have worked with public, private and non-profit agencies engaged at various points in the delivery of health care services. Our custom strategic research has supported marketing and service development efforts, service program evaluations, product/treatment development, and needs assessments.