tom doskow, research analyst

Mr. Doskow is the lead analyst on nearly all custom engagements and brings 30 years of experience and insights in the market research industry to bear on his assignments.  He began his career as a telephone interviewer and transitioned into more responsible data processing, tabulation, and analytic roles over the past 19 years in working at GLS Research.  This background enhances his ability to understand the nuances of survey data to illuminate findings and to translate those findings into insightful and effective recommendations.

Prior to working at GLS Research Mr. Doskow served as a project supervisor at Corey, Canapary and Galanis Research (1989-1997) and as a telephone interviewer at Research and Decisions Corporation (1987-1988).

Doskow earned a B.A. in Drama (Film) at Vassar College in 1983.