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About GLS Research


Gary Stieger
President and Founder


Tom Doskow
Senior Research Analyst





Andrea Primo
Senior Research Associate

GLS Research is a full-service, public opinion and market research firm providing comprehensive qualitative, quantitative and secondary research services. We specialize in the art and science of translating client information needs into practical, cost-effective research programs. Our more than 30 years of in-depth experience, skilled professionals, and cutting-edge practice provide us with insightful and comprehensive understanding of behaviors and opinions.

Since 1989, GLS Research has provided marketing research, public opinion polling and analytical services to several hundred public and private sector clients. The company has extensive experience in the travel and tourism, hospitality, leisure and gaming; advertising; public relations; and healthcare industries, as well as in the public policy and political arenas.

We take pride in offering our clients customized services that are responsive to both their information requirements and budgetary constraints. With GLS Research, you’ll get the answers you need — on time and on budget.