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working the tradition of comprehensive qualitative and quantitative research

Welcome to GLS Research where you will get the answers you need — on time and on budget.

Whether you are looking to choose amongst alternative ad concepts, develop a communications strategy, build a national brand or improve response rates on your marketing campaigns, GLS Research has the research tools and analytical expertise to help you succeed.

working innovation and experience for our clients

Since 1989 GLS Research has been providing marketing research, public opinion polling and analytical services to public and private sector clients regional and global with service, support and superior solutions customized to meet their specific information needs.

Our Services

Rigorous market research that provide our clients with objective market information for decision-making.



Public Opinion

We provide personalized, strategic research solutions to help our clients understand public opinion, manage issues and follow shifts in population attitudes and perception.

Consumer Research

We help our clients understand their customers and potential customers, their competitive market position and to forecast future needs and demands.

B2B Research

We design and implement research strategies to reach the desired business audience and engage them to deliver key insights that will result in marketing initiatives for increased sales and loyalty.

Digital Media Research

 We provide a detailed assessment of a company’s digital media programs.  Our assessment provides for initiatives to be implemented that support the enhancement of our client’s digital assets. 

    A Message From Our Team

    • "I've worked with a dozen or so research firms over the past 20 years on behalf of my clients, but I continue to turn to GLS because I trust them. Simply put, GLS delivers insightful research on time and on budget."
      Jim GentlemanSVP, Strategy & Account Management, SK+G Marketing & Communications
    • "The most trustworthy data analysis will not provide actionable information if it is not carefully woven into the business and social framework in which an organization operates. We bring to every engagement a commitment to understanding the real-world environment in which our clients operate. This approach ensures that our clients obtain information that is not only accurate, but relevant and responsive to their needs."
      Gary L. StiegerPresident, GLS Research

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